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One of the most powerful and advanced breathing programs available in Conscious Breathing on the planet.  Created with an introduction and three progressive breathing patterns for synchronous breathing.  Conscious Breathing is using a circular breath where the inhale and exhale are connected together with out any gaps in between.  The more circular your breath becomes the more energy you are able to generate, releasing blockages in the body, negativity, stress, and tension that can be dissolved by the breath.  The breathing patterns on this CD were recorded with the most efficient and natural breath possible by using sound and frequency analyzers to achieve the waveform that reflects the correct breathing pattern of Conscious Breathing.  Ideal for chest breathing, adaptable for abdominal breathing and combinations. Simple, easy to learn, and an indispensable healing tool.

Sadhana Concepts: The Healing Art Of Conscious Breathing

Sadhana Concepts: The Healing Art Of Conscious Breathing

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